Hi, I’m Clare.

I am a food and lifestyle photographer who works with awesome, socially responsible food brands and helps them tell their story through captivating imagery. I also lead food photography and farm to table workshops. But, you may already know that because I write the same thing on most of my bios. So, what else is there?

I was born and raised in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest but took a major leap of faith in the Fall of 2016 when my little family and I moved to Southern Vermont. I still travel back to Seattle frequently for work (because I have some awesome clients there) but my small town in Vermont has quickly become home. While I dearly miss living near salt water, the endless rivers, dramatic seasons, magical forests and charm of New England has captured my heart. This is a special place.

My life is shared with my talented and generous husband, Joe, my hilarious and cuddly son, Hugo, and the world’s best dog, Nina Simone. I am obsessed with flowers, the ocean, the woods, red wine, strong coffee, almost all vegetables (but especially kale, fennel, radicchio, eggplant and cauliflower) salvage yards, great design, reading, beautiful interiors, awesome lighting, swimming, music, connection, art, pottery, synchronicity, road trips and about a million other things. I also absolutely adore my amazing family and kick ass girlfriends.

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