a restaurant shoot: Kingdom Table

I recently did a gig for the new restaurant, Kingdom Table, in St. Johnsbury, which located in the gorgeous Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, (yep, that’s a real place.)

What’s extra special about this spot, other than the tasty food and great vibe, is that it, along with the Taproom downstairs, was conceived of by a big group of locals who decided to open a place together, with the sole purpose of creating a social hub for their little town. These folks had no restaurant experience and none of them take any profits from either venue– every cent goes back into the business. They did this solely to help their community. That alone is reason to visit.
It’s places like this one- and the stories behind them- that make me love this state even more, and are part of the reasons why I moved here.

I don’t get to shoot restaurants all that often any more, but I so enjoy it when I do. And, hey! In my food photography and styling workshop this Fall, we will be visiting one of my favorite local spots and students will get to exercise their own restaurant-photography-skills! I will be sharing my tips for finding the best light, creating more dynamic food photos and more.
Come join us in September!

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